Great Alpine Road Visitor Guide

PAGE 116 I LAKES COAST VISITOR GUIDE THE BACK LAKE MERIMBULA LAKE (TOP LAKE) MERIMBULA LAKE TASMAN SEA BAR BEACH A R T H U R K A I N E D R I V E A R T H U R K A I NE DR I V E P R I N C E S H W Y PRINCES H W Y P R INCES H WY M E R I M B U L A D R I V E M E R I M B U L A D R I V E M A R K E T S T M A IN S T M A I N S T S A P P H I R E C O A S T D R I V E B E A C H S T L A K E S T L A K E S T MERIMBULA WELCOME TO 2548 PAMBULA TO PAMBULA & EDEN TO TATHRA TO BEGA TO SPENCER PARK MAIN BEACH RECREATION RESERVE BOLLER PARK MIRADOR BOURNDA NATURE RESERVE YURRAMIE STATE FOREST Scan here for full detailed Merimbula map Distance fromMelbourne: 590km Distance from Canberra: 243km Population: 4000 approx. Attractions: Surrounded by ocean beaches and Merimbula Lake, noted for shing, beautiful beaches and a wide range of holiday activities for visitors, including whale watching and game shing. Amenities: Commercial / retail centre includes restaurants, fast food, supermarkets, banks and hotels. Great shopping. SHORT POINT LONG POINT MAIN BEACH MIDDLE BEACH BERRAMBOOL