Great Alpine Road Visitor Guide

PAGE 120 I LAKES COAST VISITOR GUIDE BERMAGUI Untouched wilderness, sapphire blue waters, grey-green eucalypts covering foothills that sweep down to spectacular bays with rocky headlands and seemingly endless clean sandy beaches. You’ll find all this and more in and around Bermagui which is the northern- most town on the Sapphire Coast. Internationally renowned as a fabulous deep-sea fishing and angler’s paradise, charter boats operate dive trips and also deep-sea game fishing trips where you can try your luck with the much sought after marlin. Bermagui Headlands, Wallaga Lake and the coast as you go south into Mimosa Rocks National Park are very popular rock fishing spots. Estuary fishing in the Bermagui River and Wallaga Lake to the north can be very rewarding. Blue Pool is a large ocean rock pool located in Pacific Drive, which offers a safe and natural ocean swimming experience. It is a great spot for snorkelling. There are actually two pools: a small toddler pool and a larger main pool that is deep enough to swim laps. The pools fill from the ocean on high tide, so it can at times be too rough to swim in at high tide. At low tide when it is protected from the ocean swells it can be extremely tranquil. The list of sea life that can be seen in Blue Pool is vast and ranges from sea slugs and snails, urchins, starfish and anemones, to crabs and more. It is a natural wonderful experience not to be missed. A 10-minute drive north of Bermagui is another Sapphire Coast icon, Camel Rock. This is among the oldest rocks in New South Wales and provides wonderful photographic opportunities. This beach is very popular with surfers. Angling for a dream holiday? TASMAN SEA BEARES BEACH HORSESHOE BAY BEACH DICKINSON POINT BERMAGUI POINT MOORHEADS BEACH KEATING HEADLAND TASMAN SEA TAT H RA B E RM A GUI R D B U N G A ST L A M O N T S T W A L L A GA LA K E R D L A M O NT S T S C E N I C D R I V E P A C I F I C D R I V E M U R R A H S T M U R R A H S T N U T L E Y S C R E E K R D W A P E N G O S T BERMAGUI WELCOME TO 2546 BERMAGUI LAGOON BERMAGUI RIVER BERMAGUI HARBOUR DICKINSON PARK TATHRA TO COBARGO & WALLAGA LAKE TO MURRAH STATE FOREST BERMAGUI STATE FOREST Scan here for full detailed map Distance fromMelbourne: 648km Distance from Sydney: 381km Population: 1298 approx. Attractions: Diving, snorkelling, sur ng and swimming and an 18-hole golf course, The Bermagui Market and the Montreal Gold eld. Amenities: There are a couple of accommodation options available and eateries selling fresh, local seafood. V E V E D I V R I D R C Bermagui’s wharf is a safe haven for fishers of the deep sea that is not far from shore. Photo: Destination NSW