Great Alpine Road Visitor Guide

PAGE 18 | GREAT ALPINE ROAD VISITOR GUIDE ??? CEMETERY LAKE SAMBELL HOLMES CREEK SPRING CREEK SPRING CREEK SPRING CREEK HODGE ST STANLEY RD STANLEY RD KERFERD RD BUCKLAND RD ALBERT RD CAMP ST CAMP ST HIGH ST HIGH ST ALMA RD ALMA RD BALACLAVA RD FORD ST FORD ST BRIDGE ST BRIDGE ST BEECHWORTH WANGARATTA RD SYDNEY RD BEECHWORTH WODONGA RD GEORGE RD GEORGE RD GEORGE RD GEORGE RD GEORGE RD LAST ST FINCH ST FINCH ST PRIORY LANE LOCH ST CHURCH ST WOOD ST WOOD ST BERNARD ST BERNARD ST WILLIAMS ST KARS ST CEMETERY RD DINGLE RD GILCHRIST AVE LOWER STANLEY RD JARVIS RD PEACH DRIVE Mc CONVILLE AVE MELLISH ST HAVELOCK RD KIBBLES RD JUNCTION RD GREEN WATTLE TREE RD BEECHWORTH HISTORIC PARK BAARMUTHA PARK CENTENNIAL PARK ROTARY PARK QUEEN VICTORIA PARK NEWTOWN PARK TOWN HALL GARDENS MOUNTAIN BIKE PARK WALLACE PARK YACKANDANDAH TO WANGARATTA TO MYRTLEFORD TO STANLEY TO ELDORADO TO BEECHWORTH3747 Welcome to Distance from Melbourne: 285km (via Hume Hwy) Population: 3500 approx Attractions: More than 30 buildings listed by National Trust; courthouse where Ned Kelly stood trial; ‘best preserved gold mining town’; tumbling waterfalls, quiet streams, deep rocky gorges and placid valleys. Yackandandah also o ers unique selection of shops, storyboard trail, parks and walking tracks, shing and swimming, sports grounds, gold mine tours, museums. Amenities: Noted bakery, good retail, accommodation options, swimming pool. A selection of shops, hotels, good accommodation, holiday park, memorial hall and sports parks are found in Yackandandah. Scan here for full detailed map Police