Great Alpine Road Visitor Guide

THE GREAT ALPINE ROAD VISITOR GUIDE I PAGE 37 DINNER PLAIN “Just off the Great Alpine Road in Dinner Plain” VISIT AUSTRALIA’S HIGHEST BREWERY V I AUSTRALIA'S PREMIER BREWERY IN THE SNOW Beers from the purest of waters The Blizzard Brewing Company produces award-winning beers utilising pure alpine water. PHOTO: Charlie Brown Borne out of the belief that it was “high time for Australian skiers and boarders to enjoy mountain fresh locally made craft beer on the mountain!” the Blizzard Brewing Company was established in Easter 2016, its award-winning brews quickly taking the craft brewing industry by storm. At an altitude of 1550 metres above sea level, the brewery, located in Australia’s highest village, Dinner Plain, is producing amber liquids that are kicking goals despite having to contend with conditions not found anywhere else in the country. It’s been a real learning curve for award winning head brewer, Chris Haren. With high altitudes having a significant effect on the aroma of beer Chris has needed to adjust his recipes to deal with the unique conditions. “We have been working hard to get the balance right at altitude, and we are pleased with our progress,” he said. Now the high altitude brewery is producing excellent brews from pale ales and IPAs to kolsch, lagers and stout. The brewery’s new Belgian pale ale, named Bladerunner after a local cross-country and walking trail, has won the best beer award at the Ballarat Beer Festival, as well as a silver medal at the Australian International Beer Awards. Something a little different is the lavender lager, the result of a promise kept by Mark to his wife to brew her a beer that she liked while he chased his dreams. A key ingredient of beer is water and Blizzard utilises the very best. “We brew with snow-melt. Fresh, pure Victorian Alps spring water, sourced from the high altitude aquifers of Dinner Plain,” Blizzard’s founder, Mark Hubbard, said. “No other brewer in Australia can source their water as we do, to enable us to bring you beer above all.” Indulge in the ultimate beer experience at Blizzard Brewery with handmade craft beer on tap, tasting paddles, brewery tours, package sales, local wines, growlers (those big glass jug bottles), snacks, and in character with the Blizzard team, a lot of fun. For a unique and memorable experience take a tour of the brewery as you sample and learn all about the process of their snow melt aquifer beer from Chris and Mark.