Great Alpine Road Visitor Guide

THE GREAT ALPINE ROAD VISITOR GUIDE I PAGE 49 ENSAY The quirkiness of roadside folk ar t Ensay is the nearest town to the folk art sculpture, Mr Stringy, as it is better known these days, though its proper name is actually Mr Smokey. It is located about 12 kilometres south along the Great Alpine Road. Located at Dead Horse Flat, the sculpture was carved by William (Bill) Harold Henham circa 1930 while he and his brothers were building bridges in the area and having their smoko. The original was carved from a box stump and many years later the head was cut off and stolen. While Bill carved a replacement, the Mr Stringy/Smokey that currently stands by the Great Alpine Road is believed to be replacement number four or five, with its carver unknown. It is a progressive artwork, anonymous locals regularly repainting him with a change of character nearly every time. His characters have fallen into various LITTLE RIVER INN Why not spend some time in the area to explore further and stay at the Little River Inn? Closed for a few months for renovations, the Little River Inn in Ensay reopened its doors in July, back in business and open five days a week for lunch and dinner. The historic country pub that oozes character and charm first opened in the 1840s as a shanty pub and has survived over the years. Far from a shanty but still providing historic character, it is a great spot to enjoy ice cold beer, hot coffee, a good pub feed and comfortable accommodation for individual, couples, families or groups whether it’s a room with an en suite or out the back camping. There’s also undercover parking for motorbikes making it a popular stopover for those riding the Great Alpine Road. categories over the years, many of them topical, such as a premiership player from the local football or netball team for that year, or more generic characters such as a blushing bride, a skier during the snow season, or a character from popular culture such as Homer Simpson or Wonder Woman. The folkart sculpture of Mr Stringy, or Mr Smokey, south of Ensay, is believed to be the fourth or fifth reincarnation of the original. Travel tips MARCH 2018 - ISSUE 5 FREE Your chance to win! apairofTonicSunglassesvaluedat$150 See inside formore details Magicmulloway Studentshooked 65 Macleod Street, Bairnsdale, Victoria, 3875 PRINTED & PUBLISHED IN COUNTRY VICTORIA BY 15,000 printed copies each edition inserted seasonally into our East Gippsland newspapers: • Bairnsdale Advertiser [Bairnsdale] • Lakes Post [Lakes Entrance] • Snowy River Mail [Orbost] We also distribute to selected information centres, bait & tackle shops & much more in Gippsland, Melbourne & the Sapphire Coast (NSW) NEW PUBLICATION, NEW ADVERTISING OPPORTUNITIES FOR YOUR BUSINESS IF YOU WISH TO ADVERTISE CONTACT SARAH P: 0429 573 977 E: