Great Alpine Road Visitor Guide

PAGE 52 I THE GREAT ALPINE ROAD VISITOR GUIDE TAMBO RIVER TAMBO RIVER T A M B O R I V E R NIC H O L SO N RI VE R LAKE KING S A R S F IE L D R D SARSFIELD RD STEPHEN S O N SR D S T E P H E NS O NS R D W A D DELL SR D TA M B O U P P ER R D MOS S IFACES W ANREACHRD M E T U N G R D M E T U N G R D R O S H E R V I LL ERD N U NG U R N E R R D S A R S F I E L DTAMBOUUP P ERRD OLIVER RD L IDD EL SR D P R I N CE S H W Y PRI N CES HWY P R I N C E S H W Y P R INCES HW Y JOHNSONVILLE WELCOME TO 3902 SWAN REACH WELCOME TO 3903 NICHOLSON WELCOME TO 3882 BAIRNSDALE TO BRUTHEN TO BUMBERRAH TO LAKES ENTRANCE TO METUNG TO PAYNESVILLE TO 2.6 km 8.6 km Distance fromMelbourne: 300km approx. Population: 2500 approx. Amenities: General stores, hotels, caravan parks and other accommodation, boat ramps and fuel. TWIN RIVERS Peaceful getaway Comprising the Nicholson and Tambo rivers and the townships of Nicholson, Johnsonville and Swan Reach that they flow through, the Twin Rivers area is a popular destination for anyone seeking a peaceful getaway, a wonderful fishing adventure or a real gourmet experience. Fishing is a major form of recreation in the area. Chat to one of the locals and you might just learn a secret or two. Situated east of Bairnsdale, the first of the Twin Rivers towns is Nicholson with the majestic Nicholson River flowing through it. Delight in the serene river scenery, with the backdrop of the old railway bridge and boats moored below. The Tambo River is accessible by turning off the highway at Johnsonville. Here a floating pontoon and boat ramp allow boats to explore the river. The Tambo River takes pride of place in Swan Reach, cutting right through the centre of the small village. With giant gums lining the banks it’s a delightful spot for a picnic or a snooze in the afternoon sun. All three destinations have everything you need, for the fisher and non-angler alike. A popular attraction for visitors to the area is the Twin Rivers Farm Food & Wine Trail. The trail is a great way to begin a food lover’s journey. Ramble around the country roads and all kinds of produce will be offered up to you, with seasonal signage alerting you to extra special delights. Pick up a brochure from the visitor information centres in Bairnsdale or Lakes Entrance or one of the local gen- eral stores for your introduction to some of the best farm fresh produce, fruit, herbs, wine and café treats. Locals and visitors to the Twin Rivers area enjoy dropping a line into the Tambo and Nicholson rivers for a quiet, reflective fish.