Great Alpine Road Visitor Guide

PAGE 6 I THE GREAT ALPINE ROAD VISITOR GUIDE ALBURY/WODONGA M U R R A Y R I V E R M U R R A Y R I V E R M U R R A Y R I V E R M U R R A Y R I V E R M U R RA Y V A L L EY HW Y T HOM A S M I T C H E L L DRIVE M U R R A Y V A LL E Y H W Y H I G H S T L I NCOLN CA US E W AY H U M E H W Y HUME HWY H U M E H W Y H U M E H W Y H U M E H W Y H U M E H W Y HU M E H WY R I V E R I N A H W Y R I V E R I N A H W Y W A G G A R D MA T E ST B A N D I A N A L I N K R D RI V E R I NA H W Y RIV E R I N A HW Y U R A N A R D R I VER IN A HW Y BEE C HW ORT H R D M O L O N E Y D R IV E E A S T S T ALBURY WELCOME TO 2640 WODONGA WELCOME TO 3690 TO WANGARATTA TO BEECHWORTH TO WALLA WALLA TO WAGGA WAGGA TO TALLANGATTA LAKE HUME NAIL CAN HILL RESERVE DIAMOND PARK MUNGABAREENA RESERVE Police Police Scan here for full detailed map Flanking the Mighty Murray With the mighty Murray River flowing between them, separating the states of New South Wales and Victoria, the twin cities of Albury and Wodonga offer a charming mix of heritage buildings, vibrant shopping precincts, beautiful parklands and engaging cultural events. The Murray River was once a busy trade route for paddle steamers, busier than any roadway. Today, it’s the kind of peaceful, lazy waterway that tempts you to take time out, sit on its broad banks under a shady tree, relax and just let the hours slip by. It is a magnificent backdrop to parklands, cycling paths, community events and weekend gatherings, its waters providing excellent freshwater fishing opportunities. Together with the Lake Hume Dam, the largest dam in the southern hemisphere, and the local river systems, the waterways of Albury Wodonga are a popular destination for all sorts of water sports and activities including sailing, jet and waterskiing, windsurfing, and fishing. Its sandy beaches are popular with swimmers and sunbathers, and reserves with barbecue and picnic facilities line its foreshore. Albury Wodonga has a strong food and art culture and a wonderful connection to the area’s history and its indigenous people. The twin cities are large enough to provide a variety of holiday attractions and entertainment, but small enough to provide enjoyable explorations on foot, the ideal way to appreciate its distinctive character, with grand old buildings, richly established gardens and broad tree-lined streets. Visity Albury and Wodonga’s heritage buildings, like the Albury Train Station (1882). PHOTO: Visit Victoria