Great Alpine Road Visitor Guide

PAGE 86 I THE GREAT ALPINE ROAD VISITOR GUIDE MARKET DAYS your market day guide for east gippsland and the great alpine road y illage Gateway V odonga and Alburny W 8am - noon turda of the Mon Every Sa th .albur www odonga W , Lincoln Causeway illage, Gateway V Market Rutherglen Farmers’ 12.30pm 9am - Community Market Paynesville Lions 8am - 1.30pm er) Wint (Closed d Flea Market Myrtlefor 8.30am - noon Lions Park, Rutherglen Paynesville Gilsenan Reserve, d ounds), Myrtlefor Gr Elgin St (Old School eet Market Kiewa Str 8.30am - noon Market angaratta Comm W 8am - noon Farmers’ Market East Gippsland 8am - noon eet, Albury Kiewa Str angaratta W , vian Park Raceway A unity College nsdale Secondary Bair Market ow Make it, Bake it, Gr it 9am - 1pm Moyhu Farmers’ Market 8am - noon Boot Market ch Car Uniting Chur 8.30am - 1pm Howitt Park, Bright Moyhu Lions Park Church nsdale Uniting Bair Community Market Mount Beauty 9am - 2pm Market ackandandah Ma Y kers 9am cus Flea Mark Quer 9am - noon Farmers’ Market Beechworth 9am - noon Beauty escent, Mount Kiewa Cr eet and Hollands Str ackandandah Y ntable Lane, Tur Beechworth eet, d Str 29 For et eet, Beechworth Str d ch, 29 For Christ Chur Community Market ackandandah Lions Club Y 9am - 1pm Market d Farmers’ Myrtlefor 12.30pm 8.30am - Farmers’ Market Paynesville 8am - noon ackandandah Y eet, d Str ellsfor W d Piazza, Myrtlefor e, Paynesville eshor For n Market Chilter 10am - 2pm e Market eshor For Lakes Entrance Surf Club 9am - 3pm angaratta Farmer W n ictoria St, Chilter 18 V eshore For Lakes Entrance angaratta Street W Cathedral, Docker rinity ounds of Holy T Gr s’ Other Marke ecember) D , ember ept h, June, S (Marc nsdale Makers’ Market Bair 9am - 1.30pm day Satur Market Howitt Park Sunday 8am - 1pm ts nsdale Bair Boucher Hall, nsdale Bair Howitt Park, Metung Farmers’ Market 12.30pm 8.30am - Market 8am - noon rect at time o ent details are cor f publication. F All ev mation, cont or ther inf or fur F een, Metung illage Gr V .wangara www COVID-19 online due to , ents along the Great v ent details or more e v or full e ent det act and ev Made By Me 9am - 1pm oad, please visit the local Alpine R viceven east ails visit www website for dates odonga Check W e, Junction Squar mation Centres. or or Inf Visit .au