Great Alpine Road Visitor Guide

PAGE 96 I LAKES COAST VISITOR GUIDE G’day, I’m Kenny Koala and I’d like to welcome you to the south east coast of Victoria and the south coast of New South Wales. I’m the mascot for East Gippsland Newspapers, so when we can all cele- brate being out at special events again, I hope to meet you and you can take my photo with my colourful face mask on. When you get home you’ll have plenty to tell your friends because there is so much to do and see. Take plenty of photos but also make sure you look at everything with your own two eyes, not just through the camera. Take time to have a good look around and see how many natural and man- made things your can find in the towns and out in the countryside. Because it is Spring, you may see the birds and animals with their young ones; baby ducks, teeny swans and if you are really lucky a koala and its baby. So here’s the quiz for you…what are baby animals called? Until next time, have fun! Kenny Koala Swan:  Kangaroo:  Echidna:  Butterfly:  Goat:  Sheep:  Pig:  Duck:  Lion:  Horse:  Cat:  Dog:  Rabbit:  Cow:  y e g i k b i n c o t y u a