Great Alpine Road Visitor Guide

PAGE 14 I THE GREAT ALPINE ROAD VISITOR GUIDE BEECHWORTH A very fine yarn One of the great success stories of Australian textiles, Creswick Woollen Mills has perfected natural fibre products since 1947, specialising in the production of alpaca and wool fibres. Now, with more than seven decades behind them, the company is still family owned, run by the founders’ grandchildren, and continues to be a leader in Australian natural fibre design, sought after not only in Australia, but also around the world. Its continued success is attributed to ongoing research and innovation, a dedication to quality, and a determined focus on both local and inbound tourist markets. The Creswick Mill offers a unique interactive experience, A Very Fine Yarn, providing education about alpacas, fibre, manufacturing and Australian history, attracting 135,000 visitors annually. The company also boasts a strong retail and manufacturing arm. It is the largest supplier of blankets and throws to David Jones and also has an office in Boston that services the North American market. Visit Creswick Woollen Mills in Beechworth or visit them online for details of their other retail outlets across the state. Lion of Beechworth Hidden away from prying eyes atop a lonely hillside on the outskirts of Beechworth, Mayday Hills Lunatic Asylum sits overlooking the town, waiting. In its 128 years of operation, more than 9000 deaths were recorded, and likely many more than that, truth be known. Now, thanks to Asylum Ghost Tours, you can wander through its many twisted hallways and small, stifling rooms with ghost tours, history tours, paranormal investigations, a haunted cinema experience, and sleepover events at the historic Lion of Beechworth, as the asylum was known. Let the experienced guides tell you all the secrets of the place, relax in a comfortable lounge chair to watch a horror double- feature, or come along to one of the sleepover events and stay the night. If you’ve been before, come back to explore some recently opened areas. Explore beyond doors that have been locked for decades, and see what few have experienced before. While the sun shines, join the weekend history tours and when night falls embark on tours of the haunted buildings in the dark. The ghost tour encompasses facility history, memories, local tales, urban myths, and stories of the supernatural while twilight tours are available for families and younger adventurers. For the more adventurous, paranormal investigations take place when all is quiet and the dead things open their eyes. Will you be brave and tour Mayday Hills Lunatic Asylum after dark?