Great Alpine Road Visitor Guide

PAGE 14 | GREAT ALPINE ROAD VISITOR GUIDE ??? CEMETERY KING RIVER KING RIVER KING RIVER OVENS RIVER OVENS RIVER OVENS RIVER OVENS RIVER ONE MILE CREEK ONE MILE CREEK THREE MILE CREEK KING RIVER ONE MILE CREEK GREAT ALPINE RD PARFITT RD WANGARATTA RD FAITHFULL ST WILSON RD OXLEY FLATS RD ROWAN ST ROWAN ST WARBY ST MURDOCH RD MURDOCH RD VINCENT RD VINCENT RD CRIBBES RD MASON ST WANGARATTA KILFERA RD GRETA RD WANGARATTA RD WANGARATTA RD TONE RD MURPHY ST EDWARDS ST GREEN ST SANDFORD RD OSBOLDSTONE RD SISELY AVE PHILLIPSON ST APIN ST APIN ST OVENS ST SWAN ST RACECOURSE RD EVANS ST FORD ST REID ST RYLEY ST DIXON ST DIXON ST NORTON ST DOCKER ST MILAWA TO KALUNA PARK SCOUT PARK APEX PARK PAINTERS ISLAND APPIN PARK TROTTING TRACK COMMON FRANK GARTH RESERVE WARBY RANGE STATE PARK WAREENA PARK KING GEORGE GARDENS BEECHWORTH TO YARRAWONGA TO HUME HWY TO TOBENALLA GLENROWAN & HP BARR RESERVE MERRIWA PARK ELDORADO TO Police WANGARATTA SPORTS & AQUATIC CENTRE SHOW GROUNDS wangaratta3677 Welcome to Scan here for full detailed map Distance from Melbourne: 252km (via Hume Hwy) Population: 17,000 approx Attractions: Cultural precinct along Ford and Ovens Street includes landmarks including Holy Trinity Anglican Cathedral (built between 1908 and 1909), St Patrick’s Church (construction started 1865), Wangaratta Art Gallery, and the Performing Arts Centre. The city has number of attractive parks and gardens within the town centre; walks along the Ovens River and through Apex Park; central English-style King George V Gardens; tranquil sunken gardens of Merriwa Park surrounded by waterways and feature a display of sculptured gurines, a lagoon, fernery and bush walking paths. Amenities: Large retail/commercial centre along attractive Murphy Street thoroughfare and extending into adjacent Reid Street, including banks, supermarkets, fast foods, accommodation, fuel etc.