Great Alpine Road Visitor Guide

THE GREAT ALPINE ROAD VISITOR GUIDE I PAGE 15 Visit the Creswick Woollen Mills tourism experience ‘A Very Fine Yarn’ showcasing the œÕÀ˜iÞ œv wLÀiÆ > ̅i Ü>Þ vÀœ“ ˆÌà ÜÕÀVi œ˜ ̅i alpaca, through the manufacturing process and …œÜ ˆÌ i˜`à ի œ˜ ̅i Ŝ« Åiv° /…i i݅ˆLˆÌ }ˆÛià > }Ài>Ì ˆ˜Ãˆ}…Ì ˆ˜Ìœ ˜>ÌÕÀ> wLÀi]…œÜ ÕÝÕÀˆœÕà wLÀià >Ài «ÀœViÃÃi` >˜` }ˆÛià ۈÈ̜Àà > V…>˜Vi ̜ see Australian manufacturing as it happens. 54 Ford Street, Beechworth 1RGP &C[U Ũ BEECHWORTH Mouthwatering delights The historic town of Beechworth is home to what is regarded by many as Australia’s finest sweet shop - The Beechworth Sweet Co. Established in 1992, it has expanded sig- nificantly over the years and is renowned for sourcing the finest quality chocolates and sweets from around the world. Visitors remark that entering the store reminds them of a cross between Alice In Wonderland, Aladdin’s Cave and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory , “Wow!” being the common reaction from visitors of all ages. For what looks like a small store, you end up feeling like you have walked through a treasure trove. Find rare and interesting gems among the treats and lively displays. It’s the sort of place you could imagine discovering a chocolate bar with a golden ticket. The Beechworth Sweet Co team works to maintain the ‘wow’ factor with new product ranges, speciality areas in every corner of the store that change regularly, including the fairy table, ceiling decora- tions, gorgeous packaging for gifts and of course knowledgeable and helpful staff. The Beechworth Sweet Co promises an end to boredom and a sweet journey to new discoveries and endless possibilities - come in and soak up the experience. Bridge Road classics Conceived by Ben Kraus in his dad’s back shed in 2005, Bridge Road Brewers has grown to become one of Australia’s best craft breweries, winning a swag of awards along the way. Ben and his partner, Maria Frischmann, have strong links to the classic beers of Europe. Maria hails from the heart of the Tyrol region in Austria and has worked as a bier-maid at the Munich Oktoberfest. Ben gained his brewing knowledge in the same region. Moving from the shed to the 150-year- old coach house and stables behind Tanswell’s Commercial Hotel, Bridge Road Brewers expanded further in late 2009 and entered the international export market in a bid to fly the Aussie craft beer flag overseas. It’s in this historic building that the brewers constantly tweak their beers and develop new recipes to satisfy their own curiosity as well as that of their cus- tomers. The beers are brewed naturally, without pasteurisation or preservatives, and being made in small batches, with hands on brewing, means that each bottle gets the attention it deserves. Enjoy unique handcrafted beers as they are brewed under your nose, peruse the visitor experience area, and grab a bite in the brewery’s popular pizzeria. Indulge in the sweet goodness of a treat from The Beechworth Sweet Co. Enjoy some of the country’s best craft beers at Beechworth’s Bridge Road Brewery.