Great Alpine Road Visitor Guide

GREAT ALPINE ROAD VISITOR GUIDE | PAGE 31 MILAWA/OXLEY Get the‘good oil’on local produce and wine A tour of the Milawa gourmet region wouldn’t be complete without a visit to The Olive Shop in Milawa. Showcasing some of the finest hand-crafted and family-farmed produce in Australia, The Olive Shop will whet your appetite for all that the region has to offer. Here you can stock-up on unique, small-batch condiments to complement your cheese platter, and grab some take-home pantry staples. The Olive Shop aims to support local producers and makers by providing finequality, great-tasting food for locals and visitors to the region. Foodie delights Beginning almost 19 years ago as a small business, selling local farmers’ olives and fresh farm-pressed olive oils, The Olive Shop has now evolved to deliver many of the region’s gourmet goodies to a national (and international) audience through its online store, thereby introducing a whole new generation to the foodie delights of the Milawa region. Notably, each year the new harvest of local Extra Virgin Olive Oil sells out quickly, with a dedicated following waiting eagerly for each harvest and new release, to ensure they are buying the freshest and highest-quality olive oil. A partnership of passion In another exciting evolution in The Olive Shop’s history, it has now co-located with King Valley Wine Cellars. Ian and Nathalie, the founders of King Valley Wine Cellars, say they have a passion for all things local, building their business around “familyfarmed, small-batch gourmet goodies, made predominantly in the local area”. Working alongside The Olive Shop, Ian and Nathalie have now extended their passion for showcasing local, high-quality products to promoting an enticing range of excellent, locally-produced wine, craft beer and spirits. The Olive Shop and King Valley Wine Cellars are both located at 1605 Snow Road, Milawa. For more info, visit or Ian and Nathalie from King Valley Wine Cellars love showcasing local producers. The Olive Shop stocks an extensive range of regional gourment goodies. PB6871